Dr.Vorobiev Clinic for Gambling Addiction Treatment



In Dr. Vorobiev’s clinic, the afflicted receive the necessary help thanks to the extremely effective treatment, and with it, they once again receive freedom and can function normally in everyday life.

The treatment initially begins with an examination, during which we learn something about why the patient is looking for help, in what stage of dependency he is and to what extent he recognises the seriousness of the problem.

The biggest step in the treatment is to admit having a problem with gambling - particularly if along the way, you have lost a lot of money and have put relationships under pressure or destroyed them. Don’t lose hope, and don’t try doing it alone. Many people before you have been through the same things and managed to get free of the addiction. Conquering a gambling addiction or a gambling problem is never easy. However, it is possible to be healthy if you see the treatment through and seek support.