Dr.Vorobiev Clinic for Drug Addiction Treatment



The first stage of the treatment by Dr. Vorobiev consists of the establishment of a diagnosis. Often drug abuse has serious consequences for the kidneys, heart, brain and other organs of the patient. During the detoxication, the patient is thoroughly cleansed of all traces of drugs. After this, the second stage can begin

The second stage consists of correctional psychology. Correctional psychology plays a central role in the healing process of an addiction. Through the breakdown of the pathological dependency on drugs, the memories of the condition under the influence of drugs, it is possible to forget the addiction and restore inner peace, because the drug-related thoughts and dreams have been removed.

As soon as we are sure that the patient has reached this stage of indifference towards drugs, we can move onto the next stage. This is made up of forming both psychological and physical barriers to drugs.

For this, there are two different possibilities:

1. A special chemical implant to develop anti-opiate protection (ensures that the opiate receptors in the brain are blocked).

2. A psychological barrier that leads to the patient already not be able to bear the thought of drugs and that everything associated with drugs bringing about feelings of horror and illness.

After the desired result has been achieved, the patient is discharged and begins the out-patient treatment.

Patients can be treated in any of Dr. Vorobiev’s the rehab. centres. The patient can return home and from there continue to take his medication over the next 12 months. We remain in regular contact by telephone, and the patient can visit us for examinations or treatment. The patient can receive the necessary support at any time, as required.