Dr.Vorobiev Clinic for Alcohol Addiction Treatment



The treatment initially begins with an examination, during which we try to establish why the patient is looking for help, in what stage of dependency he is and to what extent he recognises the seriousness of the problem.

After completion of the initial examination, the doctors begin to develop an individual treatment programme based on the patient profile.

The detoxication begins and the body is not only cleansed of alcohol, but also of other second class poisons, which are formed during long-term alcohol abuse.

After the first detoxication process, we begin with the second stage, which returns the patient’s cells to the condition there were in prior to alcohol dependency. After completing the metabolic therapy, the patients feel younger, fresher, stronger and freed from alcohol.

After the results have been checked and it has been assured that the patients has obtained a negative attitude towards alcohol, the rehabilitation process is continued.

The patients do not spend less than 12 months under observation in our clinic. During this time, they are treated with medication daily and are involved in the reorganisation of their lives. This means that the patients are well adapted to a life without alcohol, and are proud of it.