Dr.Vorobiev Drug Rehab success rate


Drug Addiction: The danger of delay

There are many paths that lead to addiction, dependency on drugs or alcohol, but also to a slide into gaming addiction - the consequences are usually fatal. Addicts are often capable of giving the impression that they are leading normal lives, although the dangers of being thrown off the track increase and are frequently underestimated

The consequences of uncontrolled drug consumption are well known:

• Death due to overdose

• Infection with an incurable disease

• Injuries due to accidents when under the influence

• Slide into criminality

• Social exclusion (loss of friends, loss of work)

It is not easy to find a way out of addiction, but it is possible. In fact, the chances of success exist, as the therapy success of Dr. Vorobjev demonstrates.

Dr. Vorobjev: 90% drug rehabilitation success rate in therapy for addiction

Cure rates of 87% in the case of drug addiction and 96% in the case of alcoholism have a solid basis: A comprehensive analysis of patients’ individual situations is the foundation for creating a personal therapy plan in multiple stages.

An experienced team of highly qualified medical personnel from various disciplines (cardiology, rehabilitation, psychiatry ...) are available for this purpose.

Dr. Vorobjev’s specialist clinics can look back on 15 years of successful therapy for addiction. Following on from the first clinic in Moscow, additional clinics were opened in other countries to assist those suffering from addiction-related illnesses in these countries.