Long-term drug rehabilitation


Drug rehabilitation treatment

The services offered by the Dr. Vorobjev clinic also include long-term drug rehabilitation.

Special psychotherapeutic programmes are available. Patients can choose between individual and group psychotherapy.

These activities take place in an extremely soothing environment. Relaxing walks and gentle sports are intended to promote the patient’s sense of well-being and help him feel a little better each day.

The result: Patients fill up with energy, their lust for life increases, and they start to make plans for a happier future. Many find it easier if they have family members at their side. As a result, the services offered are aimed not only at patients of the clinic but also at their relatives.

In addition, we offer our patients assistance in finding employment, in resolving legal issues or questions regarding training for improving the chances of re-integration into society.

Our common, uppermost goal is the complete integration of the patient into society.