Drug addiction rehab questions


Non traditional drug addiction therapy

We have compiled a list of answers to frequently asked questions regarding our methodology for treatment of addictions. Should your question not be answered here, or be answered inadequately, please email us at drugdetoxclinic@drvorobjev.rs .One of our staff will deal with your question as soon as possible.

My son has been in therapy for drug addiction on a number of occasions. He received medication and had implantations. Nothing helped. How can Dr. Vorobjev’s method help?

Dr. Vorbojev’s treatment methods combat the psychological crisis, that is, the desire for drugs, the thoughts and the memories of drugs. Many patients even forget the effects of heroin. Once the mind is freed from dangerous thoughts, the craving for drugs and the thoughts of drugs diminish.

Is it possible to build up a firm barrier that prevents a patient from returning to drugs?

We practise the strongest treatment method, which instils a dislike of, a fear of and an unpleasant feeling towards drugs. Many of our patients do not want to think back to the time of their drug addiction after 10 - 15 years.

It is clearly possible to achieve positive results as long as the patient being treated is under the control of the doctors and psychologists. But how can one maintain the results once the patient goes home?

We never forget our patients. Every patient continues his therapy at home, returns for check-ups and, if required, receives intensified therapy.