Our addiction treatment principle:patients should not suffer


Our addiction treatment principle: patients should not suffer

An individually tailored detoxification ensures that the process is pain-free. We then combat psychological dependency by means of medication therapy and accompanying psychotherapeutic and physiotherapeutic measures – so-called aversive methods

This enables us to achieve indifference, or even aversion of the patient to the addictive substance as the basis for a healthy, self-determined life that is free from the need for drugs.

In this therapy, our experts support the patient around the clock, during both the in-patient and the out-patient treatment phases.

Our addiction treatment methods: Five good reasons for Dr. Vorobjev therapy

1. Quick, painless detoxification: Soon after detoxification, the patient eats and sleeps normally. Detoxification from heroin, methadone and other opiates, as well as from alcohol, occurs quickly, painlessly and comfortably.

2. Curing the psychological dependency: Curing the psychological dependency liberates the patient. Thoughts and memories of the narcotics, alcohol or other addictive substances disappear completely. The longing for drugs no longer exists.

3. Individual tailoring: An optimal procedure for detoxification and further treatment is devised for each patient. Everything is individually tailored, starting from the patient’s special medical requirements right through to nutrition, whereby allergic illnesses are also taken into consideration, as are religious affiliation and dietary requests.

4. Aversive method: The aversive method of withdrawal not only triggers an indifference to drugs, alcohol and gambling in patients, but also instils a negative basic attitude to the addictive element. This provides secure protection against recidivism.

5. Targeted post-treatment: After discharge from the clinic, patients continue to be treated against possible recidivism. They remain in contact with the doctors and receive assistance at any time should a sign of a problem manifest itself